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Preteen Panties

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 21:20:26 +0000From: X plicit Subject: Dreamcalledreality/chapter8 The walk home felt like the longest I've ever taken in my life. I'm notsure if it's because I was walking baby steps as I tried to organize mythoughts, or because the distance between my house and the movies increased.I'll get back to you when I know for sure. I love Andy. Since the day I methim, he's the only person I enjoy being with any time of the day and justsharing feelings and stories and stuff like that. But then there's Mark; thehot guy that I always dreamed of getting together with. Confused as hell, Idecided to just try and forget about this and let things happen on theirown. It was almost 4pm though. Preteen Panties Do I show up online? And if I do, would ourconversation be the same as it once was? It felt kind of obvious it wouldn'tbe possible and that all the other lies he's told would come out. But thenwhy do I want to go online so bad? I didn't fail to mention I'm fuckin'confused right now, right? The clock struck 4:00pm and I made my way to the computer. I sat down andsigned on; but he wasn't online. I figured he's maybe a little late orsomething so I just started talking to other friends from school waiting onhis ass to show up. But even at 4:30, it never did. That's when a pop-upmessage appeared telling me I got mail. 'Yay, another god damn chain letter'I thought to myself as I went to open it. Surprisingly, it wasn't Preteen Panties a chainletter. It was an e-mail from Johnny....I mean, Mark.Hey Ricky,Listen okay. I know it was a real bad thing I did and I fucken hate myselfright now for doing it to you , but I couldn't risk anything. I'm sure youfeel differently about me now and it pisses me off a lot. I won't be ontoday, but you most likely won't show Preteen Panties up either since I'm Preteen Panties sure you don'twanna talk to my sorry ass anymore. But Ricky, if your to believe anything Isay, believe that I have this strange feeling in my gut every time I thinkabout you. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I talk to you. Andwhen we spoke at the movies earlier, it was one of the greatest times I'vespent with someone. I just really wanted you to know that. Anyway, I have toget going. I work as Preteen Panties a lifeguard at the Wave Pool and my shifts almoststarting. If there's anyway for you to forgive me, please e-mail me back. Ifit's possible, come by the pool later today. I'll be working from 5 'till 9.I'm sorry Ricky,Bye I read the e-mail as my eyes watered a bit. I felt betrayed by him, but heseems so remorseful about the whole deal. And he says he thinks about me.Mark Spencer things about me! I never thought this day would ever come. Butnow that it has, in a way, I wish that it hadn't. I have to choose betweentwo guys. From a kid that had no one to call his own, I now have a selectionto choose from. And when I choose, one of those guys are going to be hurtwhether I like it or not. I thought about the issue for a long while; abouthalf an hour or so. I came to the conclusion that I wont just chose one ofthe guys randomly. I'll test both guys out at the same time, even if itsounds dishonest of me, and chose the best one of the two. Yeah, that's whatI'll do. Neither one of them have to know. I decided I'd take a trip to the pool instead of emailing Mark back andtalk to him there. Tell him everything's forgotten and if he wants to have atry Preteen Panties at a relationship, I'd be more than willing to. I would have went tograb a towel and my bathing suit since I'm going to a pool and you know,it's a place to swim and all. But I'm terrified of swimming. Back when I wasaround 7 years old, I had a bad incident where I almost drowned. Ever sincethen, I never went into beaches or big pools. I never even learned how toswim because of it and my family is always on my case about beingchicken-shit."Where you off too?" Mom asked as she saw me heading for the door."Oh.." I mumbled, "I'm just goin' out. I'll be back in a little while""I asked a simple question, Can you just give me a simple answer for once,Ricky" My mom said in an annoyed tone.I sighed softly to myself. "To the pool. I'm goin' to the Wave Pool to meetup with some people, okay?"Nick overheard the conversation from the living room and started laughing."When did you learn how to swim?" He teased."Screw off jackass" I said giving him an evil eye."Hey! Hey! That's about enough of that. I'm really proud your going to faceyour fears and swim Rick" Mom said with a gentle smile on her face. Iflashed her back a faint little fake smile. "You know, I was afraid to go inthe water as a child too. I only learned how to swim when someone took meout to the lake and threw me off the boat"."Ma, I don't think they were trying to teach you to swim" Nick answeredtrying to hold back a laugh. I couldn't manage it though and startedlaughing a bit."Yeah well.... I learned didn't I!?" And with that, she went back into thekitchen where she first was. I reached for the door knob and made my wayoutside. The street was empty as I walked the block to the pool. Not much of asurprise since my streets quiet all the time anyway. As I walked, I lookedover at Andy's house to see if he was around at all. But he wasn't to befound. It's probably for the best anyway since he'll probably ask to comewith me. After about a 10 minute walk, I made it to the pool. I stood in front ofthe building and took a deep breath before approaching the doors and goingin. Even though I didn't have any intentions of going in the water, just thethought about being near water freaked me out. I asked the front desk if Iget into the pool without payment since I wont be going in the water anyway.The secretary, who was a young cute girl probably around the age of 19 withblond hair and blue eyes, hesitated at first but then allowed me to go. Theonly way of entrance to the pool was through the change rooms, so I made myway to change room and opened the door. Unfortunately for me, there was noone in there at the time so I didn't get to see anything 'interesting'. After opening the door which led to the pool, my body started to tense upand my legs began to get weak. I seriously started considering leaving whenI heard a familiar voice call me."Hey Ricky!" The voice called. It was Mark as he sat on those chair whichover look the pool. "Come over here". I took a look at him, then a look at the water, and back at him. I triedto shake off Preteen Panties the fright in me and started to approach Mark. His face startedforming into a strange expression when I took a seat behind him against awall, farthest away from the water."Um.." He started, "...okay. Where ever feels comfortable, I guess. I'mreally glad you came Ricky. Its a big relief" We sat there talking about a lot of different things for a long time.Nothing about the lie came up into the conversation. It was mostly justabout getting to know Mark as Mark and not Mark as Johnny. As we talked, Ithought of the water less and less and eventually found myself sitting rightnext to him on the edge of the water. I was just about to get up and leavesince the pool was about to close and Mark had to go change, when a bunch ofpeople my age started to approach us."Oh fuck," Mark whispered, "Move away, now!I slid back against the wall where I had first sat when I entered the poolfeeling confused. I took a look at the people coming our way and recognizedeach and every one of them. They were the group Mark hung out with; thosestuck-up assholes who think their the shits. The four of them startedtalking to Mark as they stood there in their 10 sizes too big clothes.. Istood and watched wondering why Mark told me to get away from him. Could hehave been trying to save me from getting made fun of? Or was he trying tosave himself from getting made fun of for talking to me?"Oh look guys," the only girl in the group said with a giggle, "its theclass retard". The four of them started laughing hysterically at me as theypointed and stared. I didn't really understand what made me so funny tothem, but I wasn't liking it. I had a couple things of my own to say sinceit was so easy to make fun of these people back, but I decided not tobother. I started to get up and walk away when one of the guys put his armout to hold my chest from moving forward."Did we say you could leave before us?" He said.I pushed his arm away with not a whole lot of force and answered, "Fuckyou". That guys face changed and his eyes became vicious looking as hegrabbed my arm and pulled me into the water. I started freaking out andpushed myself through the water to hold on to the edge of the pool so I'dfeel safe. All of them started laughing again, including Mark."Common guys," The girl of the group said trying to talk and she held backher giggles, "lets get out of here".All five of them, yes, Mark included, started walking towards the changerooms to leave the building. I was shivering in the water in my soakedclothes as I couldn't help but realize what Mark had just done to me. Butjust as they were walking away, Mark turned his head and mouthed somethingto me. "I'm sorry Ricky. I love you". I pulled myself onto the top of the edge of the pool to get out of thewater. I looked like a dumbass in soaked regular clothes. I'm going to lookeven more retarded walking home in these clothes.As I left the pool and started walking home, I thought about what hadhappened. I'm sure Mark didn't mean to hurt me like that. He's still notused to the whole 'relationship' thing. And he did say he loved me and hewas sorry so I really can't be mad Preteen Panties at him. Can I? I really just didn'tknow.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That night at almost midnight, as I sat downloading music from thecomputer, I heard a noise coming from the window. I made my way to thewindow as quietly as possible without waking- up Nick. Looking out thewindow, I saw Andy throwing little pebbles to catch my attention. I openedthe window without making much sound."Get down here," Andy whispered loudly with a cute smile on his face.I flashed him a smile and swiftly got myself out the window and onto the bigtree right in front of it. I Preteen Panties climbed down and met up with Andy as he gave mea quick, yet soft kiss on the lips."Wanna come over?," he asked, "I got the house to myself tonight""Umm," I pretended to hesitate even though I knew I was not going to say no."Okay I guess".We walked over in the middle of the night across the street and opened thedoor. Once the door closed, Andy wrapped his arms around my neck and leanedin to lock lips. I tried walking backwards as we kissed to find the sofa sowe could get comfortable. After a bit of bumping into things and almostbreaking his mom's favorite Preteen Panties decoration, I found it.We lay together on the sofa as we explored each others mouths with ourtongues. Andy's hands moved around my body and eventually made its way undermy shirt to touch my chest. We unlocked our lips for a little as he tookthis chance to remove my shirt as well as his own. As he took off his shirt,I unbuttoned Preteen Panties his jean button and pulled down the zipper. Our lips met againand we continued to kiss as we maneuvered ourselves to take off our clothes.We started giggling at some points because it was hard to keep the kissgoing with a lot of moving going on. After maybe 5 minutes, we managed to remove everything from our bodies.Andy moved his lips away from mine and just began to stare into my eyes. Hiswarm body laying on mine felt amazing. He lowered his head onto my neck andbegan giving it soft kisses."I *kiss* love *kiss* you *kiss* Ricky * kiss*" He said.As he continued this way, I began to feel weird. At some Preteen Panties points, I startedto imagine Mark being here with me in place of Andy. I couldn't reallyunderstand it. I mean, I know I love Andy. And I know I feel somethingsimilar for Mark too. But why am I thinking of Mark when I'm not even withhim? Andy and I didn't end up going all the way. It was cool though since it'snot all about sex. Actually, the kissing and just being next to each othercan be a whole lot better then the sex. There's more meaning to it in a way.We lay together on the sofa, my arm around his, as he slept with a warmblanket around us. I couldn't fall asleep that easily. Thoughts stillinvaded my mind with a sense of guilt and uncertainty. As I closed my eyestrying to force myself to give my mind a rest, a tear ran down my face.-------------------- ------------------------------- ----------------------Hey guys, I wont be posting anymore of this story in nifty so if you wannafind out the ending, you gotta come to check out this site thats startingup. Its a site with gay stories written by teens...its not even up at yet,but it'll be up real soon- If ya wanna kno wut it is, ur gonna hafta emailme..So hope u come and check it out. Again, if ya wanna email me, feel freewith ur comments.My email address is now X_plicit33hotmail.comc-ya
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